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Welcome to Wikkl

We are three capable developers who can make your software just like a larger company, but faster and cheaper!

With our experience in creating games, apps, web software, AR and VR, we can probably help you. And if we can not, we can find you someone who does.

What we offer



The web is everywhere. We develop websites, web applications, web games, admin panels and everything web!


Everyone is getting more and more mobile. We can help you create the software perfect for the mobile needs. From smartphones to tablets and even smart watches!


Games create a great space for education and entertainment. With plenty of experience designing and developing games we can build the game that you want.


Software goes further than just screens. We are experienced in enhancing reality and even creating a whole new reality.


Developing software is already hard enough. We can create tools to optimize your pipeline, so you can focus on what is really important.


Already have software, but want it on more devices? We enable you to start the next project while we allow your software to work on the desired platforms.
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Have other software needs? With our experienced developers and a wide set of skills we can create the software you need.

Our Developers


Guido Boogaard

Developer & Designer

I am an experienced developer and designer.
I love to learn, discuss and work hard to create nice and useful things. Making sure that we create what you need, without wasting precious time and attention!

Finn van der Heide

Developer & Producer

My goal is finding the sweet spot of delivering the highest quality within the given time frame, while at the same time developing new software. Enabled by my advanced theoretical knowledge as programmer in state of the art systems such as BCI, XR, Evolutionary Algorithms and AI.

Geert Beuneker

Developer & Researcher

With a solid theoretical foundation I apply my knowledge in a wide range of projects such as apps, games and websites. I have done research into machine learning, optimization, anomaly detection and system automation.

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